About Onur Özgür ÖZKAN

Hi, I am Onur Özgür ÖZKAN, and this is my official website. I was born and raised in Eskişehir, Turkey.  I am an entrepreneur, writing code, translator and playing classical guitar and chess.

I launched and ran Lab20203 AŞ, Qudea Inc companies. Right now, I am CEO and co-founder of Bulutfon AŞ. 

Onur Özgür ÖZKAN and Çisem Sezgin ÖZKAN
Onur Özgür ÖZKAN


  • Startup; entrepreneur, marketing, sales, commercial law, accounting
  • Management; agile, scrum, OKR, KPI, SAAS metrics
  • Digital Marketing; Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, retargeting, SEO
  • Programming; PHP, Ruby, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, SASS
  • Design; Figma, Adobe PS, Adobe AI, Adobe Premier Pro


  • Bulutfon Telekomünikasyon AŞ, Co-founder & CEO
    • 13/08/2013 – Present
    • I am a co-founder and CEO. My biggest success is that Bulutfon’s net-sales was increased 14 times in 6 years (from 2013 to 2019).
  • Lab2023 Bilişim Teknolojileri AŞ, Co-founder & CEO
    • 10/12/2013 – 30/04/2015
    • I was a co-founder and CEO.  I resigned on 30/04/2015 and only focused on my other company Bulutfon AŞ. 
  • Tayfun ERİKAN, Management Partner
    • 04/03/2010 – 09/12/2013
    • Mr Tayfun and I run a software company. We provided custom software, especially in the construction and energy sectors.
  • Garanti BBVA Bank, SMB Representative
    • 06/08/2007 – 31/03/2009
    • I was a Customer Representative in the SMB department. My duty was all kinds of banking service for my portfolio. 


  • Joensuu University, Finland — Master Degree (Socrates Student Exchange Programme)
    • 01/06/2006 – 31/12/2006  (Not Graduated)
    • It was a good experience to understand Finnish culture and improve my English. 
      I passed all my lessons but couldn’t finish my thesis because of financial problems.
  • Anadolu University, Turkey — Master Degree
    • 23/09/2005 – 01/06/2006 (Not Graduated)
    • I joined the Economics Master programme. After finishing the first year,  I applied to the Socrates Student Exchange programme and went to Joensuu University in Finland.
  • Adnan Menderes University, Turkey — Degree
    • 01/09/2000 – 16/04/2004
    • I graduated from economics with an 81 degree, that’s why I am one of the 3 students who received the outstanding student certificate in my class. 
    • I was a member of the University’s Debate team. I represented my University in the National  Debate Tournament. 
    • I joined and contributed to UNDP’s Local Agenda 21 programme.

Contact information

Personal email:

  • oozgurozkan at gmail dot com

Work emails:

  • onur.ozgur.ozkan at bulutfon dot com
  • onur.ozgur.ozkan at lab2023 dot com

Social media:

I use social media only giving advertisements that’s why it’s a good idea to send me an email instead of direct message.